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3 European cities that are extremely underrated

Whenever you plan a trip there are cities that automatically pop in your mind, either because you know someone who went or because you’ve seen it a lot on the internet or in the movies. But the world is huge, there are billions of people and hundreds of cities and so much to see. Yet we always confine ourselves to what is comfortable, even if we haven’t been our selves knowing that someone we know did is still a sense of comfort. Here’s why I am bringing you 3 European cities that are extremely

5 Hacks for smart winter packing

Packing is a nightmare, let us just say this for a fact and take it from there! But winter packing is even worse. Going on a trip to enjoy the winter magic is awesome but having to pack for it isn’t. You need to keep warm, to travel light and have some space for shopping. A combination that might seem impossible but here are some tips to make your winter packing as efficiently as possible. Make sure you pack items that could be used for several outfits. A pair of black pants or a basic black o

A lifetime experience vs your new phone

A Lifetime Experience vs Your New Phone In time when prices are inflating and gadgets are getting more and more sophisticated and expensive, one starts to think very well of how they spend their money. The budget that could take you on a very enjoyable trip with your friends or family is now the same as the one needed to buy a new phone and this is where the decision becomes a bit hard, a new phone or a lifetime trip? It is a matter of priorities of course but there are a few ways how someone

Greatest Teachers On Random Trips!

Have you ever thought about the amount of opportunities that are offered to you the moment you step inside the airport to leave your home country? Have you ever looked at traveling as the prospect that it is? Have you ever seen an interaction so different about what you’re used to, that you have a change of perception? Ever sat staring at how differently people behave in other parts of the world, even in the simplest settings? Like a restaurant for instance or a shopping mall?

Here is why you should go to London. NOW!

This post is extremely biased, so if you don’t think you like London or if you think you’re not going to buy what I am about to say…continue reading anyway because you need to change your mind! When people choose a city to call their “favorite” the reasons vary. Some enjoy cities with history and a monumental feel all around. Others feel like they wouldn’t bother being in a city that doesn’t have numerous options

How travel changes you, at least how it should

The effect of traveling is a bit more than just experiencing something new or different. I believe through traveling you develop into a better and more compassionate human being. Through traveling you get to see the world from different perspectives and understand that different people have their priorities in an order and in ways you have never imagined. When you go out of what you know, what you are comfortable with and what is extremely relevant

Make time for a family trip now

When it comes to planning a trip, we often take so much time to plan but so little time to decide. But when it is a family trip many of us hesitate, considering that you might save it for a trip with your friends. And while there is absolutely no doubt that a trip with your best friends would always be fun, but one with your family will always be worth it for even bigger reasons than enjoyment. The more we grow up the less time we spend with our families and the less we appreciate the moments w


An Open Letter from a Graduate to All Undergrads – The Daily Crisp

You probably think this is going to be the cliche-est (if that is even a word) article you’ll ever read. And maybe it would turn out to be that, but all I can promise is that this is my version of the truth and maybe the truth is cliche. Anyway, this is not a manual about how you should deal with one of the most frightening transitions of your life, because no one can give you that. Nor is it a to-do list, because I am still as clueless as you are. This is just insights of personal experience

My Accidental Journey To Self-Awareness and Self Discovery – The Daily Crisp

When I was younger, I used to read a lot of motivational posts and short writings, many of which would urge one to find him or herself and know what they want. Other times I would watch older people having conversations about their personalities and what they like and dislike and not in terms of hobbies or interests but in relation to human interaction. But I almost had no clue how one could talk about something like that, I was not the kind of person who would know exactly why they were discont

3 Reasons Why You Should Always Choose Yourself First – The Daily Crisp

Ever since I was young I believed kindness and generosity were the most important traits anyone should aim to gain. I thought that if someone was kind they were happy and strong. Which is true, but as I grew up I realized I had the tendency to mix up between being kindhearted and giving up my self-love and appreciation. We often forget that the love and care we give to everyone around us consume our energy some way or another. Don’t get me wrong; I am not saying you shouldn’t be kind

I Lost My Father, My Best Friend And The Strongest Man I Have Known – The Daily Crisp

There comes a time that we believe our parents are invincible, indestructible and immortal. We choose to believe that no matter how old we get our home and our security is within their arms and that we would always go back to them. But how many times did your expectations last? That is the story, in three simple sentences you believe in something yet life shows you that you are mistaken. I was certain that my father was the strongest man in the world. But I also trusted that he was never going

5 Things Therapy Helped Me With – The Daily Crisp

There are various misconceptions regarding the role of therapy in one’s life, especially those who suffer from various mental disorders like anxiety, depression, OCD and others. There is always an idea that a therapist is either someone who gives you an addictive medicine, someone who deals with people who are of less mental capacity or someone who controls your life. All these assumptions are completely wrong and have nothing to do with the role of a therapist in one’s life. After years of suf

Mariam Mazhar: An Open Letter to My Beloved Friends and Family – The Daily Crisp

The spoken word is a powerful tool we use every day of our lives, but the choice of it differs. There are words that build characters, give hope and motivate and there are others that leave nothing but hurt and destruction. Shaikh Hamza Yusuf once said, “Don’t ever diminish the power of words. Words move hearts and hearts move limbs.” With every choice of word we take we can heal someone’s pain or leave a scar. As you are introduced to this life you learn that words have power. You take lesson