Mariam Mazhar

Calling myself a writer is an honor I've granted myself. Not because I am the best at what I do but because my passion and love for it is enough to allow me.

I am a 2018 AUC Journalism graduate with a minor in Business Adminstration, Creative Writing & Arabic & Islamic Civilization. I've always had a passion for putting feelings and thoughts into words and here I am making a living out of it.

I consider myself both a creative and a copy writer. I share my creative writing pieces on Anxious Writer on both Instagram and Facebook

As for copywriting, I began my career before graduation when I started volunteering with different initiatives and startups working on their articles, blogs and social media content. Today, I work with various clients in different industries on their conent strategies, digital marketing and copywriting different materials. Including company profiles, social media calendars, website texts, blog posts and more. 

I created In Ink Writing to showcase and market for my services to reach mor and dissimilar clients.